Project Teams

Project Management Team

  1. Elena Stylianopoulou, Project Coordinator
  2. Constantinos Kounnamas, Scientific Coordinator
  3. Eleftherios Loizou, Project Manager
  4. Panayiotis Mountoukos, Financial Manager
  5. Maria Hadjidaniel, Communication Coordinator

Steering Committee

  1. Elena Stylianopoulou, Chief Senior Environment Officer, Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.
  2. Savvas Iezekiel, Conservator of Forests A´, Department of Forests, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.
  3. Nicolaos Kassinis, Senior Wildlife Officer, Game and Fauna Service, Ministry of Interior.
  4. Lefkios Sergides, Executive Director, Terra Cypria.
  5. Martin Hellicar, Director, BirdLife Cyprus.
  6. Ioannis Vogiatzakis, Vice-Dean of Pure & Applied Sciences, Open University of Cyprus.
  7. Constantinos Kounnamas, Researcher, Head of Nature Conservation Unit, Frederick University.
  8. Petros Pashias, Secretary, Federation οf Environmental Organizations of Cyprus.
  9. Charalambos Panayiotou, Director, ACC Environment and Innovation Ltd.
  10. Ayis Iacovides, Director, I.A.CO Environmental & Water Consultants Ltd.
  11. Kyriakos Georghiou, Emeritus Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
  12. Nicolas Michaelides, Officer, Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.
  13. Menelaos Stavrinides, Associate Professor, Cyprus University of Technology.
  14. Antonis Petrou, Director, AP Marine Environmental Consultancy Ltd.

Scientific Committee

  1. Elena Stylianopoulou, Chair (Department of Environment)
  2. Kyriakos Georghiou, Co-chair (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  3. Savvas Iezekiel, Department of Forests representative
  4. Marina Xenophontos, Department of Environment representative
  5. Nicolaos Kassinis, Game and Fauna Service representative
  6. Yianna Samuel, Department of Fisheries and Marine Research representative
  7. Panayiotis Demopoulos, Habitat and Ecosystem Services expert
  8. Demetris Bakaloudis, Forester, with fauna specialisation (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  9. Moisis Mylonas, Fauna expert (except avifauna) (University of Crete)
  10. Spyros Sfenthourakis, Fauna expert (University of Cyprus)
  11. Margarita Arianoutsou, Invasive Alien Species expert (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  12. Costas Thanos, Flora and Habitat expert (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  13. Stavros Xirouchakis, Avifauna expert (University of Crete)
  14. Panayiotis Panayiotidis, Marine Biodiversity expert (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research)
  15. Constantinos Kounnamas, Flora expert (Frederick University)
  16. Ioannis Vogiatzakis, Ecosystem Services expert (Open University of Cyprus)

Partners’ Staff Members

Department of Environment

  1. Elena Stylianopoulou, Chief Senior Environment Officer; Biologist, Project Coordinator
  2. Despo Zavrou, Senior Environment Officer; Biology & Conservation Management scientist
  3. Eva Pitta, Environment Officer; Biology & Ecology scientist
  4. Yiannis Christodoulides, Environment Officer; Biology & Wild animal biology scientist
  5. Marilena Papastavrou, Environment Officer; Environmental Scientist & Engineer
  6. Marina Xenophontos, Environment Officer; Biology & Ecology scientist
  7. Elena Erotokritou, Senior Technician; Environmental Management scientist
  8. Annie Papadopoulou, Environment Officer; Marine and Freshwater Biologist
  9. Aikaterini Tokalaki, Environment Officer; Environmental Biology scientist
  10. Maria Zomeni, Environment Officer; Biologist, Landscape Ecology expert
  11. Marilena Adamidou, Technician; Civil Engineer Technician

Department of Forests

  1. Savvas Iezekiel, Chief Conservator of Forests
  2. Erodotos Kakouris, Conservator of Forests A
  3. Nikos Kasinos, Forest Officer 1st Grade
  4. Georgia Chrysostomou, Conservator of Forests
  5. Konstantinos Dimitrakopoulos, Conservator of Forests
  6. Kostantinos Charalambous, Conservator of Forests
  7. Konstantinos Iosif, Forest Officer
  8. Andreas Paradeisis, Forest Officer
  9. Andreas Soteriou, Forest Officer
  10. Michael Christophides, Forest Officer
  11. Konstantinos Papasavvas, Forest Officer
  12. Marinos Kyriakides, Forest Officer
  13. Michalis Zacharia, Forest Officer

Game and Fauna Service

  1. Nicolaos Kassinis, Senior Game and Wildlife Officer, Wildlife Biologist
  2. Konstantinos Demetriou, Game Warden
  3. Panicos Pirikkis, Game Warden
  4. Kostas Nicolaou, Game Warden
  5. Panicos Prastitis, Game Warden

Terra Cypria

  1. Kyriaki Michael, Executive Director
  2. Konstantinos Perikleous, Education and Research Officer / Environmental Scientist, Conservationist – Wildlife biologist
  3. Panagiotis Georgiou, Education and Researcher Officer/Environmental Scientist
  4. Ourania Kyriakou, Communications and Supporters Officer
  5. Zoe Makridou, Conservation Officer/ Zoology and Biodiversity Consevation and Management
  6. Stalo Vassileadou, Accountant
  7. Maria Papaevripidou, Policy Officer/ Zoology, Quantitative Ecologist
  8. Lefkios Sergides, Executive Director (2019 – 8/2023)
  9. Christophoros Panayiotou, Policy Officer (2019 – 2/2023)

BirdLife Cyprus

  1. Martin Hellicar, Director / Ecologist, Senior Project Coordinator
  2. Antaia Christou, Conservation Projects Officer / Conservationist, Project Coordinator
  3. Elena Markitani, Communications Coordinator / Campaigns Manager, Project Manager
  4. Christina Ieronymidou, Monitoring and Research Coordinator / Ornithologist, Scientific Officer
  5. Vasiliki Anastasi, Nature Policy Officer / Field work expert, Technical Officer
  6. Myria Achilleos, Financial Manager

Open University of Cyprus

  1. Ioannis Vogiatzakis, Professor, Landscape Ecology
  2. Paraskevi Manolaki, Senior Researcher, Freshwater Ecology (11/2020 – 12/2025)
  3. Savvas Zotos, Senior Researcher, Wildlife Biology (7/2022 – 12/2025)
  4. Nika Knez, Research Assistant, Geography/Cartography (3/2021 – 2/2022)

Frederick University

  1. Christoforos Charalambous, Director of Administration and Finance; Systems Engineer; Beneficiary Coordinator
  2. Constantinos Kounnamas, Senior Researcher; Ecosystem conservation; Beneficiary coordinator assistant
  3. Athanasia Tziortzi, Lecturer; Marketing
  4. Maria Spyrou, Chief Accountant; Beneficiary financial manager
  5. Marios Andreou, Senior Researcher; Biologist; Biology Conservation
  6. Nicolas Eliades, Senior Researcher; Ecology & Ecosystems (2021 – 2022)
  7. Iro Kouzali, Researcher; Ecology & Ecosystems
  8. Christos Mammides, Senior Researcher; Ecology & Ecosystems (2022)
  9. Stavros Parlalis, Associate Professor; Social Work
  10. Andreas Constantinides, Associate Professor; IT
  11. Michalis Soteriou, Junior Researcher; IT

ACC Perivallon kai Kainotomia Limited

  1. Charalambos Panayiotou, Environmental Science BSc / Boundary Meteorology MSc
  2. Elias Eliades, Forester – Environmental Science BSc & MSc / Civil Engineering MSc
  3. Elli Tzirkalli, Environmental Science BSc / Biodiversity MSc / Ecology PhD (11/2019 – 4/2022)
  4. Nada Panayiotou, Economist
  5. Anna Foka, Environmental Engineer BSc & MSc (1/2021 – 5/2022)
  6. Andreas Kourides, Forester
  7. Anaxagoras Violaris, Biologist BSc / Taxonomy, Biodiversity and Evolution MSc

I.A.C.O. Environmental & Water Consultants Limited

  1. Ayis Iacovides, Executive Director, Civil / Environmental Engineer, Environmental Management Expert (MSc)
  2. Athina Papatheodoulou, Biologist, Environmental Scientist (MSc) (11/2019 – 8/2022)
  3. Marios Mouskoundis, Geologist, Environmental Hydrogeologist (MSc)
  4. Angela Nicolaou, Chemical Engineer, Energy Production and Management (MSc)
  5. Christalleni Costa, Biologist, Environmental Scientist (MSc) (11/2019 – 8/2022)
  6. Elena Nicolaou, Rural and Surveyor Engineer, Water Resources and Technology (MSc)
  7. Georgios Fyttis, Biologist, Environmental Scientist (MSc) (11/2019 – 8/2021)
  8. Chrysanthi Demetriou, Chemical Engineer (MSc), Computational Fluid Mechanics (MEng)
  9. Panayiotis Klonis, Zoologist, Wildlife Management and Conservation (MSc)
  10. Fotini Efthimiou, Geologist, Environmental Engineer (MSc)
  11. Zoe Makridou, Zoologist, Biodiversity Conservation and Management (MSc) (10/2020 – 8/2022)
  12. Constantinos Constantinou, Biologist, Environmental Scientist (MSc)
  13. Marios Apostolou, Civil Engineer (BSc), Environmental Engineering (MSc)
  14. Demetris Stivarides, Geologist, Water & Environmental Engineer (MSc)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  1. Kyriacos Georghiou, Professor Emeritus / Plant Physiology
  2. Constantinos Thanos, Professor Emeritus / Plant Physiology
  3. Margarita Arianoutsou, Professor Emeritus / Ecology
  4. Panagiotis Pafilis, Professor / Animal Diversity
  5. Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Professor /Botany and Ecology
  6. Ioannis Tsiripidis, Professor / Phytosociology
  7. Fotios Xystrakis, Associate researcher / Forest phytosociology
  8. Ioannis Anastasiou, Laboratory Teaching Staff / Ecology and Biogeography
  9. Panagiotis Georgiakakis, Senior Researcher / Chiroptera Ecology & Conservation
  10. Katerina Koutsovoulou, External Assistant / Plant Physiology
  11. Anastasia Christopoulou, External Assistant / Ecology
  12. Demetrios-Charalambos Papaioannou, External Assistant / Biologist
  13. Ilias Dimitriadis, External Assistant / Biologist
  14. Spyridon Oikonomidis, PhD Candidate / Plant Conservation
  15. Aikaterina Stefi, External Assistant / Plant Ecophysiology

Department of Fisheries and Marine Research

  1. Yianna Samuel, Fisheries and Marine Research officer

Cyprus University of Technology

  1. Menelaos Stavrinides, Associate Professor – Sustainable Agriculture