Networking opportunities, October 2023

Members of the Pandoteira team had the opportunity to participate in two different conferences in October 2023, with the purpose of networking with other LIFE and non-LIFE projects.

4th Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week

Members of our team from Frederick University and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens participated in the 4th Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week, which took place in Valencia between October 23rd and 27th, 2023. During the conference, our team presented the efforts conducted within the framework of the Pandoteira project for the protection of species and habitats in Cyprus. The conference was a great opportunity for exchanging know-how and best practices related to the conservation and protection of species and habitats in the Mediterranean.

More specifically, our team was able to network with the project LIFE Teixeres – Conservation and restoration of relict Taxus baccata woods, as well as with the Genmeda network. The latter is the Network of Mediterranean Plant Conservation Centres, which is a network of seed banks and conservation centres of genetic resources of the Mediterranean flora who share a common floristic region, a geographical area with a similar landscape and a common set of problems concerning natural environment disruptions.

EUROPARC Conference 2023 “Tribute to our landscape, where nature and people meet in harmony”

A member of our team from Terra Cypria, participated in the Europarc Conference themed “Celebrating Our Landscape: Bridging the Harmony Between Nature and Humanity.” The conference was held in the Netherlands, between October 3rd and 6th, 2023. The Europarc Conference served as a platform to foster exchanges of ideas and best practices in the conservation and management of natural environments.

During the Conference we had the opportunity to discuss, as well as share experiences and challenges with representatives of the following projects: LIFE-IP: N2K Revisited, LIFE ENABLE and LIFE ShepForBio.


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