Pandoteira in Mitsero

The Pandoteira project, together with the Community Councils of Mitsero and Agrokipia, organised a hike at “Kreatis” mountain in Mitsero, on February 18th, 2023.

The participants had the opportunity to follow the footsteps of Re Alexis, the first revolutionary farmer who initiated an uprising against the Frankish conquerors. They learnt about the battle, which took place on the “Kreatis” mountain and discovered the important habitat types of this Natura 2000 site.

The hike was followed by a short speech about the action of Re Alexis between 1426 and 1427. In addition, the Pandoteira project was presented. During the event participants showed a particular interest in a number of topics, such as:

  • Benefiting from the natural value of their land, which is part of the Natura 2000 network.
  • Designating Natura 2000 sites.

We were delighted to have with us at this event the Heads of the Mitsero and Agrokipia Community Councils, a representative of the Union of Cyprus Communities, members of the local population, as well as a great number of people from different parts of the island.

The Pandoteira project, in the framework of which this event was organised, focuses on managing the Natura 2000 network in Cyprus. During this 10-year project various actions will take place, which aim to protect different species of flora and fauna. The ultimate goal is to make the Natura 2000 network more effective and functional, as well as sustainable.

The project is co-funded by the EU’s LIFE Programme. The project’s coordinating beneficiary is the Department of Environment, while the consortium also includes 13 associated beneficiaries from public bodies, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations and private companies.

Find out more about the project here.


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