The Pandoteira project at the Bouldering Festival

The Pandoteira project participated at the 3rd Bouldering Festival, which take place on May 11th, 2024, in Ineia. Members of our team from Terra Cypria informed the participants about the strong connection between the sport of bouldering and the Natura 2000 network, as climbers are a group that has direct contact with nature and the protected areas that fall within the network.

We provided information material to the attendees, about the important species of flora and fauna in the area. Our focus was on reptiles and more specifically on snakes, which could be dangerous for climbers. We in fact gave participants some practical advice on how to react when coming crossing paths with a snake.

In addition, we focused on birds of the area and the possibility of coming across a nest during their climbs. This gave us the opportunity to inform participants of the importance of certain species, and also equip them with techniques to manage such encounters.

The attendees showed a great interest in protecting nature and biodiversity, as through bouldering they are in contact with nature on a daily basis.


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