Experience the opening of a turtle nest!

Antigone is a 20-year-old loggerhead sea turtle. She began her journey from the coasts of Algeria in the beginning of Spring. After travelling for over 3000 km, she reached the coasts of Cyprus just in time for mating.

When she was ready to lay her eggs, she waited until nightfall and she chose a beach with as little lights and noise as possible. She then swam out to shore, dug a hole in the sand and laid her eggs. Soon after, she carefully buried them and returned to the sea to begin her return voyage to the northern shores of Africa.

Two months later, the eggs are ready for hatching and, as loggerhead turtles are at risk of extinction, a team of experts takes on the task of protecting the nest and opening it for data collection purposes.

How does the story continue? Witness it yourself on Saturday September 3rd, at 17:00, at the Mavrali picnic site (Polis Chrysochous area)!

The team of specially trained experts will open Antigone’s nest to count the eggs. Will the baby turtles have already hatched? Or will they be hatching any minute?

Register now to witness this extraordinary experience! We can only accept a limited number of participants as baby turtles are sensitive to loud noises.

Following the opening of the turtle’s nest join us at the picnic site for:

  • Treats
  • Information about the importance of the area and
  • Educational activities for children.

The event is organized under the framework of the Pandoteira project, in collaboration with the Youth of Polis Chrysochous District and MEDTRACS.

Photo by: Melina Marcou


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