Meeting with the Development Agency of Paphos “Aphrodite”

Members of the Pandoteira project team, from Terra Cypria, held a meeting with the Development Agency of Paphos “Aphrodite” (ANETPA).

The meeting took place on Thursday, July 28th, 2022 and the purpose was to inform the staff of the Development Agency about:

  • The importance of the Natura 2000 network
  • The various clusters into which the Natura 2000 network has been divided through the Pandoteira project.
  • The actions of the Pandoteira project, focusing specifically on the Natura 2000 sites of Paphos District.

An additional purpose for holding this meeting was to encourage the exchange of views and ways of cooperation through synergies between the Pandoteira project and the actions of ANETPA.

Participants showed a particular interest in the following topics:

  • Private Land Management within the network.
  • The procedures for developments within or near Natura 2000 sites and how the network is protected
  • The Management Structures that will be established through the Pandoteira project
  • The promotion of activities within Natura 2000 areas

The Pandoteira project team will remain in contact with ANETPA, as the latter have expressed their willingness to work together with the Pandoteira project for the promotion of the Natura 2000 sites of their district and the communities which fall within them. This will be achieved through various project activities, such the Celebration of the Natura 2000 Day and the creation of travel packages for each cluster.


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