Natura 2000 Day celebration – 2023

The Department of Environment and Terra Cypria are organising a 2-day celebration for the European Natura Day, under the framework of the Pandoteira project. The celebration will take place on May 20th and 21st, 2023 and it will include activities for children and children at heart.

Saturday May 20th – Kambos Tsakkistras

From 10:00 until 16:30, visitors will be able to participate in a number of activities, including:

  • Cyprus Forest Heritage Museum tour and mouflon observation (registration required)
  • Traditional bread making (registration required)
  • Traditional decorative art on pumpkins
  • Hiking and birdwatching at Kalonomati waterfall trail (registration required)
  • Treasure hunt for children and adults
  • Exploring water invertebrates

If you don’t feel like driving to Kambos, then register here to catch the Pandoteira bus!

Sunday May 21st – Mammari

Join us for a hike at Mammari nature trail, combined with bat observation! At sunset, the observation will be enhanced with a Sonar bat detector. The hike will begin at 18:30 and will be completed by 20:00. Follow this link to view the hike’s meeting point.

Register here to participate!

The celebration is supported by PAPAFiLiPOU ICE-CREAM.


The “Natura 2000” European Ecological Network is a wide European network of protected natural areas for species of flora, fauna, birds and habitats. Apart from protecting nature and biodiversity, the Natura 2000 network offers us great benefits. For example, the network helps mitigate climate change, protects us from natural disasters, contributes to food security, offers us purified water, attracts visitors thus contributing to the support of regional economies, while at the same time supports full time jobs.

The Pandoteira project deals with the management of the Natura 2000 network in Cyprus, with the purpose of making the network more effective and functional, as well as sustainable. The project is co-funded by the EU’s LIFE Programme, it is coordinated by the Department of Environment and has 13 other associated beneficiaries from Public Bodies, Universities, NGOs and private companies.

Click here to find out more about the Pandoteira project.

For questions about the celebration contact or 22489105.


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