World Mountain Day celebration

The Pandoteira project is celebrating World Mountain Day with a hike!

Saturday December 9, 2023
“Loumata ton aeton” nature trail
Meeting point: Amiantos kids’ playground at 9:30

Come energised, equipped with suitable attire (like hiking shoes and appropriate clothing) and prepared to be worn out! Route difficulty level: 2

Instead of the hike, kids between the ages of 4 and 10, will be able to participate in educational activities, specifically designed for the day by the Forest School. The activities will take place at the Amiantos kids’ playground and children will have to bring their wellington boots. Only a limited number of participants can be accepted!

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Hike highlights

During the hike we will be able to identify important flora species of the area. The trail we will follow has a stunning view towards Kyperounta and the Amiantos Asbestos Mine. It is also worth mentioning that the biggest part of the trail was the path local Mine workers used to follow to get to work from the surrounding villages. What’s more, halfway through the trail one can see a restored hideout of EOKA fighters (1955 – 1959).

Resting time

With the completion of the hike, we will return to the Amiantos kids’ playground for hot chocolate, tea and treats. While ‘refueling’ we will have the opportunity to learn about the historical interest of the trail from the Head of the Community Council, Mr Kritonas Kyriakides.

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Forest School

At the Forest School kids learn how nature itself can become an educator when we collaborate with it and through this collaboration we get to learn more about: ourselves, nature, the world and how all three relate to each other. Within the framework of the Forest School at Amiantos, children will have the opportunity to play and also execute small projects in nature.

The various activities will stimulate the children’s observation, curiosity, ability to pose questions, their ability to formulate hypotheses, search for answers in multiple sources, as well as help them discover that the search for answers can be an ongoing and never-ending process. The activities combine tools and means of different cognitive areas, focus on issues related to nature and the environment, among
others, as well as focus on the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills.

The event is organised within the framework of the Pandoteira project, by Terra Cypria, with the support and participation of the Amiantos Community Council and the Forest School.

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